Distance Healing

Distance healing is not only possible but equally effective as in-person sessions. Reconnective healing works through energy, light and information — making physical proximity a non-factor. Just as we perform in-person healing without touch, distance healing takes place through frequencies that can be transmitted regardless of location.

In fact, the non-locality principle of quantum mechanics indicates that Reconnective Healing® may even grow stronger with distance. As people on this planet, we are accustomed to thinking of things in standard three-dimensional terms.

Distance healing takes place on frequencies that can and must be accessed outside of our normal physical experience. Thus, Reconnective Healing® can take place with you and the practitioner in different cities or on opposite ends of the earth.

This option helps those who cannot or prefer not to travel, as well as those who would prefer to receive Reconnective Healing® in privacy.

What happens during a distance healing session?

Prior to the session, we will discuss and arrange a time. Distance healing lasts up to 45 minutes, during which time you will need to be in a quiet state of relaxation. After the session, we will discuss the experience.

As with in-person healing, a distance healing session involves accessing and reconnecting the mind and body with the broad spectrum of frequencies flowing in the universe. The meridian lines of the body become attuned to the energy lines of the planet and the energy grid of the universe. Healing may appear to materialize physically and produce enhanced levels of spiritual and emotional awareness.

Preparing for distance healing

Distance sessions can take place anywhere. This is a time to unplug — literally and metaphysically. Turn off your phone, set aside all distractions, and retreat to a calm and relaxing space where you can reconnect with the frequencies that have previously been blocked or lost.

Abilities and illnesses do not pose an issue for successfully receiving distance healing. If applicable, caregivers and neighbors should be notified to avoid disturbing your tranquility during the session. Simply make sure to schedule your session at a convenient time for quietness and a lack of distractions.

Clear minds are most receptive to distance Reconnective Healing®. Avoid pairing the session with any forms of meditation or thoughtfulness you might commonly use. The session is a time to let go and let Reconnective Healing® take place.

Please be aware that you may feel warm or cool sensations, tingling, or other physical sensations at various points throughout your distance healing session. You may wish to wear cool clothing or have a blanket ready to remain comfortable and avoid feeling distracted by these sensations.

After dealing with doctors for several years, my daughter Kristin was unable to get any answers as to why she was not growing or gaining any weight. She developed anxiety due to do the stress and had to go on medication.  Tried of dealing with traditional doctors and tests,  I decided to take a different route, one of healing energy and I brought Kristin to see Cherri at Reconnective Healing.  Kristin did three sessions with Cherri. At first it didn’t seem like anything was happening but I am so happy to report that after a couple of months Kristin is off her medication, has grown 1 1/2 inches and gained 7 lbs.  I would recommend Cherri @ Reconnective Healing for anyone who might be having any unanswered health problems.

Brenda W.

Petaluma, CA

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